Pembroke House Society

Be a part of something bigger…

The Pembroke House Society is new society by Pembroke House – a centre for social action founded by Pembroke undergraduates in 1885.

It provides members with opportunities to:

  • Gain new skills and meet people they would not otherwise meet
  • Feel part of a bigger community and make a difference to an ambitious organisation

Opportunities for members to get stuck in include:

  • Lunch and tour ~ travel to Pembroke House on any week day for lunch and a tour with a team member
  • Volunteering ~ build skills and meet new people at projects, activities or events in London
  • Remote volunteering ~ take on a short project e.g. design work / blog writing / research
  • Becoming a Pembroke House Ambassador ~ be an advocate for Pembroke House further afield
  • Fundraising ~ organise a small campaign e.g. a sponsored run or concert
  • Pro bono work ~ offer your professional expertise in a particular field e.g. legal
  • Internships ~ develop professional skills in specific areas of third sector work
  • Events ~ meet other members at Pembroke House Society events

and much more!

To join, just complete the short form below: