The beginnings of something…

Dear reader,
  This is my first blog entry. In it I am going to share an idea with you that is very close to my heart…

This what I looked like in October 2010.

   I know I may look a little nelgected, but I have potential do I not?

   You see, I am in the process of being transformed, from something quite plain, into a thriving food growing community space.

With a few containers…

Some crumbs of compost and soil…

A sprinkling of seeds…

 an ounce of imagination,


 and most importantly, some sparks of community energy,

maybe one day I will look something like this?

    Now wouldn’t that be great!

   My transformation is being steered by an open community group which meets fortnightly on wednesday mornings  at Pembroke House Community Centre If you would like to be involved please, get in touch with Kathleen on Tel: 020  7703 3803, Mob: 07871 955 394 or Email:

Please note, no knowledge or gardening experience necessary! There are many ways to get involved, from dropping in and getting your hands dirty at the weekly garden sessions, to making teas and coffees, to helping with funding applications, or writing this blog!  And maybe you have other ideas of what you might like to do? Whatever they are, I am interested to hear from you.

I hope you visit me soon.

Until then. Adieu

The garden with no name…yet! (I will be christened by the community in Spring/Summer 2011)



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