Compost, Manure and Palletes Galore!

Agent M, one of the folk on the steering group that is guiding my creation went on a hunt recently for palletes to give me.

When i say pallete, I don’t mean one of these…

 Rather, I mean one of these bits of wood that you’ve probably seen lying around the place, but never known their name-

Now, I hear you ask, why I might these old bits of wood?

Well, every good garden needs a compost heap, and palletes make excellent building materials for these.

The air spaces between the planks give the aerobic organisms which break down the organic matter into compost air to breathe and speed up the process of composting.

  Agent M recognised the importance  of me having a copmpost heap, and so after some perseverence, managed to secure some free palettes from Dulwich Garden Centre.

 As I also need some compost, manure and soil improver to get me going, the steering group decided to water two plants with one watering can, and collect some compost and manure from the centre at the same time.

So on 2nd february, I was given a mound of compost, manure (don’t worry, its in bags and so I don’t smell!) and enough palettes to a make a generous sized compost heap.

So far 2011 has treated me well :0)


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