A visit to our neighbours – Walworth Garden Farm

On a warm, sping like wednesday in early February the steering group had their first trip together to Walworth Garden Farm.

The motivation behind the trip was to see how other gardens work, and to see what lessons could be leanerd and practiced on Pembroke Community Garden.

The group were warmly greeted by Kevin, the director of Walworth Garden Farm. Kevin kindly gave us a tour of the farm and described how it was created. The garden farm was founded in 1987 in a heavily built up inner-city area of Southwark. Local residents created the farm on derelict land. It is now a local charity and social enterprise and provides environmental education, training in horticulture, beekeeping courses and garden maintenance services.

There was lots to take in. From living roofs…

   To the camberwell butterfly…
   The tour provided much food for thought and fuelled discussion in the steering meeting afterwards, which was held on the benches outside in the farm. The meeting was very fruitful as consensus was reached about what seeds to order for the year.
All in all, it was a great inspirational day out and smiles were abound all around.

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