New adventures at Pembroke Community Garden

On the last Wednesday of February, the community group met again to start to giving me some real shape.

First of all, the group got together for coffee, tea, biscuits and fruit, before embarking on a greenhouse building extravaganza. 

There is a smaller and a bigger green house and both will help to maintain a more stable climate for all the seeds that have been bought and are waiting to be planted. This activity took place inside the community centre, because here, outside with me, it was pretty freezing!

Everyone participated: David, Alice, Michael, Kathleen and Elizabeth and the frames and plastic sheeting were very soon mounted and looked brilliant. The small green house was moved outside when it was complete, but the big one was more difficult to move…

… and needed to be finished outdoors (I enjoyed the company). 

Thanks to David, who thought about the heavy wind we sometimes get in Walworth, he decide to reinforce the structure of the largest green house so I could feel more secure with my plants under control. Now I have two spaces to help the smaller plants to grow.

Also, Michael brought more than forty recycling containers – thanks to him and to the council, I will be germinating in no time!

Another activity that was performed was to clean half of the containers to have them ready so they can finally grow some plants.

So then, they divide the work and while David and Alice were working on the structure of the large green house…

… Kathleen, Elizabeth, Michael and Paco (who was in charge of these wonderful pictures) scrubbed the containers and later on, Michael rinsed them and let them dry.


It was fun to see so much activity around me and feeling again that the people from this community are involved in making me healthy and strong.

There was someone else who also come to visit me, his name is Frank, and he checked all the seeds, making sure they are ready to be planted.

I know they had a little chat inside, so Im sure they will come back to visit me again and begin a new adventure.