The Aylesbury Estate

The Aylesbury Estate is one of Europe’s largest housing projects. The estate attracted most attention in 1997 when Tony Blair used it as the site for his speech on the ‘forgotten people’ of Britain. Many would consider that any attempt to turn around the fortunes of those people the former Prime Minister was speaking about was a failure, and the estate is now due to be demolished. Yet this is not the whole story. The cold exterior and quiet streets hide the fact that behind those walls there are a great number of people who enjoy living in their spacious apartments. Confusingly, plans for the development to replace the existing structures will increase the population density significantly.

It is important that Pembroke House can serve the people of this estate, as there is no similar community space within the Aylesbury. Moreover, we hope that Pembroke House will be an important centre for the building of a new community once transition to the new development begins.

Watch this video made by one of our staff: