New potatoes, new gardeners and new sales!

Today was a day of Novelty.

First of all, we had 3 new little gardeners  (Timothy, Hannah and Jospeh) working on me. I have rarely seen such keen beans – they were so full of life, I almost felt they were plants themselves!

Here they are getting their hands deliciously dirty making my magic soil mix…

  And here they are again planting their beans in bigger pots 
Not only did today bring new guests, but also new potatoes!
Here is Genevieve is harvesting them
Don’t they look scrumptious? Perfect for a salad…


                                                 And finally, we made our first sale! Today the rambling restaurant bought 15 bags of salad and served it up to 60 people at the Urban Physic Garden –

What a day eh? Whatever next…                          

Hi, I’m the garden that talks.

Hello, I’m Pembroke Community Garden 
– a new food growing space located 
in the grounds of
Pembroke House,
 a community centre in
south east London –

Up until this year I was a neglected space
and few people came to visit me. 
But I am now regularly visited by
an enthusiastic and burgeoning bunch of folk 
who are in the process of transforming me
from a boring blank space into a 
 food-growing container garden.

Through my transformation
into a productive food growing space,
I will help to show Londoners how easy and
fun it is to grow food in the city.

By visiting me and getting involved in my 
transformation,Londoners will also help to improve
the quality of the city’s environment and
encourage reduction of the city’s carbon footprint.

Part of my ethos as a community garden is
the garden users will reflect 
the diversity of the neighbourhood.
I aim to be a community hub where people of all ages
and backgrounds can socialize and learn together.

Gardening sessions currently happen 
on Wednesdays and Saturdays. 
Check out this blog for 
a taster of what goes on in those sessions.

Better still, please feel free to drop in to see me! 
I’m open every week on
Wednesday and Saturday 
10.30am and 1pm.

Wed June 22, 2011 – Chased Indoors by the Rain

Everyone got into Blue Peter mode painting the
pots we will distribute to the
surrounding neighbourhood.

Here the newest and youngest member 
of our community …

Cheeky Bella is too fast for the camera.

My community even has an indoor
My community is very resourceful at keeping
the neighbourhood free from fly tipping.

Perfectly good lumber will be Re-used
to make shelves, trellises, etc. The list 
is endless.
There was a break in the rain so, my
community split into 2 teams.

Here David is trying to tame a neighbour’s
encroaching ivy.
I think word has travelled through the grapevine
(or maybe it’s the roots), on just how nice
it is to visit.

Michael master label maker busy at work.

Good thing too because indoors they had started 
re-potting my young seedlings and they
all needed to be named.

Here Bella is having a short break 
on her Mum Fiona’s knee.

We really do cater to all age groups
so, if you think
“I’d love to come for a visit but, I have my little one”
All are welcome!

After another delicious shared lunch …

we all chipped in to give the place a tidy.

Sat June 18, 2011 – Painting between Showers

My newly labelled entrance on
Halpin Place.

My courgettes are starting to bloom. Here come the

My community gets a delivery of 30 bags of gravel.
Now that’s what I call drainage.

The Tang family popped in for a visit. They helped my
community find all of my hidden fruits.
Joseph, Hannah and Timothy are
oh so clever!

Fatima painting the trellises Sunflower Yellow.

Zahar painting the trellises Rich Berry.

Here’s Michael making labels …

and cups of tea.

Today my community fed me with …

delicious organic fertiliser.

Here comes the rain again.
Falling on my head like a memory.
Oh well
Time for another cup of tea.

Although anti-theft paint is a must to keep me safe.
My community can’t be leaving me feeling
like common criminals.
The handles and locks have all been
cleaned of that gooey black paint.



As it approached 4 pm …

we were still hard at work.

Wed June 15, 2011 – Saying Hello & Goodbye

Today was a special day for me and my community. We said hello to new friends 
and goodbye to an old friend.

                                                   some of us paint the benches

                                              here we are planing the plants in bigger recycling box
                                                  we made the spacial soil for the plants

A four-legged friend came to have a sniff around.

                                         Linda in here is  replacing the plant  into bigger box

                                                       shila painting the last bench

My peppers are ripening up quite nicely.

                                            these are the new plant has been replaced by fatima
                                            and Linda 

My little ones straight from the propogators and ready for the growhouse.

She screamed “No!!!” at the paparazzi.
In a rare moment David looks up from one of the many tasks he does.

                                            Here David is teaching zahra  how to work with hammer and

A delicious shared lunch after a morning’s work.

As you can see there are a couple spare chairs if you ever fancy joining us.



this is the  picture has taken at end the of the day 

Sat June 11, 2011 – Our 1st Saturday Session

A kind pair of hands re-potting my young ones.

New faces to my community sharing their knowledge about composting.

Ahhh! That’s better; more room to grow.

Various types of tomatoes getting ready for the big move.

I hear corn on the cob with butter and a pinch of salt is just divine.

Genevieve from Tabard Community Garden was the Superstar today!
Sometimes you need a fresh pair of eyes.

Here Genevieve and Kathleen are Re-using broken recycling boxes to elevate our pathway beds.

Ensuring that all of Walworth can join our community. Wheelchair accessible and now I can be worked on at a more suitable height.

You can see me here just that wee bit taller.

Beet roots being harvested.

More yummy things to eat.

Wed June 8, 2011 – My Community continues to Grow

New members keep joining my community.
So many accents and languages all sharing our love for everything Walworth.

Those trellises are going to look fabulous running along my path.

How high do you fill one of my containers?
Is it to here?

Or here?

I’ve seen a few things in my time but, never a purpose built park bench 
attached to the back of a bicycle.

More discussions over what to do with my centre.
I hear the word “feature” a lot.

Facing West

Facing East

David doing his best Clint Eastwood impression. 
Can you see him hat, boots and holsters?

Southwark Stars Volunteer Awards

Last Thursday Pembroke House Youth Club spent an exciting evening at the Southwark Stars Volunteer Awards, where they met Lorraine Lauder, the Mayor of Soutwark…

…and lit up the event by performing in front of a large crowd…

Going by the applause-ometer… the girls were the most popular performers at the event… and let’s hope this means they’ll be going on to bigger things in the future!

And what a great reward for all those long hours of practice they put in…

Like This!

Orange Rock Corps

Last Saturday we hosted an ‘Orange Rock Corps’ event at Pembroke House.

The idea behind the initiative is that people volunteer their time for a day…

And in return are awarded with tickets to a concert…

We had them working on our rapidly-developing-into-an-inner-city-paradise community garden building trellises, a compost container and benches…amongst other things!

The day was a success and the garden’s really starting to take shape…

But there’s still plenty more to be done so come along on Wednesday mornings and help us cultivate!

Tues June 7, 2011 – Feng Shui and all things Lovey

                                         My community hummed and hawed about all of these large items the council is picking up on Thursday. 
You see, we are all big believers in the idea of REUSE. 
I overheard some very creative ideas for some of the items. 
Watch this space

In the back you can see all of the trellises that still need treating. Just in time too because some of my young ones do like to climb.

Here is an amazing example of REUSE. In a past life that used to be a wardrobe. Now how to incorporate that mirror and make it a feature? 

With the inclusion of benches I can now be used as a place for my community to take a break.

With all these new boxes how is my community going to arrange me?

If you have any ideas please come along. There is no right or wrong when it comes to me I am very flexible.

Remember I am YOUR garden and I do need eating.