Sat June 4, 2011 – Orange Rock Corps

               On Saturday I felt very popular as 40 people, junior and senior, all came to visit me and help  me grow!

Together we enjoyed a lot of sunshine, productive work, fresh mint refreshments and music!

Orange Rock Corps staff co-ordinated the activities that  took place . There were a lot of activities, from painting over 200 cups  as part of the one pot pledge campaign, making garden benches and compost bins.

Here they are making benches for the garden
Here volunteers are painting the cups which will be used as pots in which beans can be planted. The pots will be given out free, along with the seeds, to over 200 local households.
My team washed over 50 recycling boxes which will soon be filled with soil and seeds and new growth!

   Here are some people putting together the pallets into a compost heap.

   After four hours of hard work, I now look very different – it really was a rapid makeover!

2 thoughts on “Sat June 4, 2011 – Orange Rock Corps

  1. Kenny Tang

    Kenny: "What a great idea to engage so many volunteers to give out the "One Pot Pledge" to 200 homes in the community. It is the start of something interesting in our community."Joseph: "I always look forward to watering my pot."Hannah: "I am amazed to wake up every morning to find out how high the French beans have become."Timothy: "Mm……why are my runner beans the shortest of the 3 pots?"

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