Tues June 7, 2011 – Feng Shui and all things Lovey

                                         My community hummed and hawed about all of these large items the council is picking up on Thursday. 
You see, we are all big believers in the idea of REUSE. 
I overheard some very creative ideas for some of the items. 
Watch this space

In the back you can see all of the trellises that still need treating. Just in time too because some of my young ones do like to climb.

Here is an amazing example of REUSE. In a past life that used to be a wardrobe. Now how to incorporate that mirror and make it a feature? 

With the inclusion of benches I can now be used as a place for my community to take a break.

With all these new boxes how is my community going to arrange me?

If you have any ideas please come along. There is no right or wrong when it comes to me I am very flexible.

Remember I am YOUR garden and I do need eating.

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