Wed June 15, 2011 – Saying Hello & Goodbye

Today was a special day for me and my community. We said hello to new friends 
and goodbye to an old friend.

                                                   some of us paint the benches

                                              here we are planing the plants in bigger recycling box
                                                  we made the spacial soil for the plants

A four-legged friend came to have a sniff around.

                                         Linda in here is  replacing the plant  into bigger box

                                                       shila painting the last bench

My peppers are ripening up quite nicely.

                                            these are the new plant has been replaced by fatima
                                            and Linda 

My little ones straight from the propogators and ready for the growhouse.

She screamed “No!!!” at the paparazzi.
In a rare moment David looks up from one of the many tasks he does.

                                            Here David is teaching zahra  how to work with hammer and

A delicious shared lunch after a morning’s work.

As you can see there are a couple spare chairs if you ever fancy joining us.



this is the  picture has taken at end the of the day 

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