Wed June 22, 2011 – Chased Indoors by the Rain

Everyone got into Blue Peter mode painting the
pots we will distribute to the
surrounding neighbourhood.

Here the newest and youngest member 
of our community …

Cheeky Bella is too fast for the camera.

My community even has an indoor
My community is very resourceful at keeping
the neighbourhood free from fly tipping.

Perfectly good lumber will be Re-used
to make shelves, trellises, etc. The list 
is endless.
There was a break in the rain so, my
community split into 2 teams.

Here David is trying to tame a neighbour’s
encroaching ivy.
I think word has travelled through the grapevine
(or maybe it’s the roots), on just how nice
it is to visit.

Michael master label maker busy at work.

Good thing too because indoors they had started 
re-potting my young seedlings and they
all needed to be named.

Here Bella is having a short break 
on her Mum Fiona’s knee.

We really do cater to all age groups
so, if you think
“I’d love to come for a visit but, I have my little one”
All are welcome!

After another delicious shared lunch …

we all chipped in to give the place a tidy.

One thought on “Wed June 22, 2011 – Chased Indoors by the Rain

  1. Kathleen

    It was a great day to be sure. And well documented here! I smelt some cinnamon basil today at the community garden at In-Spire in Walworth. It was heavenly. Maybe we could arrange a cutting swap…Food for thought eh?

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