One thought on “Come and join us for the launch of Pembroke Community Garden at Wonderful Walworth Day!

  1. Muhammad

    Radke,I’m glad you think so. Yeah, bloggin’ ain’t quite like winirtg a book or any kind of story. I’ve stuck to short stories so far, and my experience of winirtg them isn’t anything like blogging. Now, as for winirtg books, you can say that again. Books are month-long endeavors, many times they’re year-long trudges. I haven’t had the gumption to start one yet it’s too bloody daunting.I understand from reading your blog that you’re winirtg comic books? Boy, that sounds tough. I liken that to almost winirtg in poetic form. You’ve got a definite form to work with and a finite amount of words, and they’ve all got to count. Now, that’s tough.Good luck!

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