Out with the old, in with the new

The harvest is still coming, but much of the garden is settling down for winter now. 
We dug up the mint and comfrey that had Powdery Mildew and planted Clover as Green Manure in the vacant boxes. 
We have also planted tulip bulbs and broad beans ready for the spring.
As many strawberry runners as we could pot up have been placed in the greenhouse to over winter. We should have plenty of strawberries for Strawberries and Cream in the garden next summer.
Aphids are enjoying our Mustard plants! The affected parts of the plant have been removed and disposed of.
Beautiful white ‘Margo’ Runner Beans were harvested for planting next year.
The Sweet Peppers were harvested and the rest of the plant removed. 
(These were lovely roasted for my dinner!)

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