Inside the greenhouse and out

Some of the tomato plants are completely dying back for the winter, but they still have tomatoes ripening on them….
Some of these tomatoes have been put in the greenhouse to ripen.
Some beans and peppers have also been put in the warmth of the greenhouse in the hope that they will dry and the seeds be collected for planting next spring.
Inside the greenhouse peppers are turning a wonderful red, but outside, they are still flowering and fruiting too…

This chilli plant has vigourously flowered and fruited after the chillies it grew earlier in the year were left on the plant until they had dried in the sun. These were all harvested (for delicious and spicy meals) and the plant has done it’s utmost to replace it’s lost fruit and seeds.

The strawberry runners potted up and put in the greenhouse to over winter aren’t looking too good.
They have now been watered, but look like they are going to need more regular attention…
Clover, our Green Manure experiment, is sprouting well, but has been dug up a bit by squirrels. A wire mesh has been placed over this container, which will hopefully protect the tiny plants.

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