Wednesday 2nd November

On the way to the Garden, a punnet of figs was collected from Chumleigh Gardens in Burgess Park!

The broad beans planted last month are doing well.

And the garlic planted two weeks ago, have sprung up too.
The tiny chilli plants re-potted and placed in the greenhouse are doing well and some have started to flower.

Also in the greenhouse, the runner beans have dried and can be stored for planting out in the spring.
The three compost bins were emptied out and mixed together.
All the twiggy bits were cut up in to smaller pieces to ease composting.
Once mixed together, the compost was put back in to one container, with layers of shredded cardboard, tomato plants in between and a sheet of plastic covering the whole bin to keep the compost nice and warm.

Found in amongst the compost was this sprouting avacado seed. This has been potted up and put in the greenhouse.

And found in the mounds of things waiting to be put in the skip were these potatoes desperate for some soil to get themselves started. Next week, these need planting!

A leaf from the tree that we have been told is a terrible weed and we should cut it down before it takes over the garden. Seems to be a Hazel though, so we could get some lovely Hazelnuts off it if we can beat the squirrels to them.
A five year cycle of coppicing right down to the base is recommended to ensure bushy growth. As this once has pretty much been coppiced down to the base, we can probably leave it for another five years, gathering Nuts in May (or at least in the autumn)!

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