Wednesday 9th November

 The Garlic ‘Marco’ is doing well already, and has not been eaten by squirrels yet!
The Elephant Garlic is slower to sprout, but is just pushing through the soil.

Many of the tomatoes are hanging down close to the wet ground now that the branches are old and sagging. Many are rotting on the vine…, the tomatoes in danger of rotting have been placed in the greenhouse in the hope that as many as possible will continue to ripen.
Some have already ripened in the greenhouse. Should we think about collecting their seeds for next year?
The Winter Parsline is doing very well. How do we eat this?
Somebody (squirrels?) is digging big holes and digging up our beetroot!
The beetroots need to be thinned to give those that aren’t eaten by squirrels enough space to grow and get fat.
We need to keep an eye on drainage during the winter….

Someone has even started digging holes in the pots in the greenhouse!
The Hazel has started budding, so hopefully we will have plenty of Hazelnuts next year. The broken branches have been tidied up.

We must remeber next year to harvest the Tomatellos more often. So many have dropped and been eaten by slugs and snail. It would be nice if they shared more with us!

2 thoughts on “Wednesday 9th November

  1. 30foxley

    What the Tomatoes have is blight- unfortunately very common problem in the UK

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