Sunshine between showers

tiny alpine strawberries wear their seeds on the outside

poached egg flowers loved by insects

the young lavender smells slightly antiseptic and medicinal at the moment

towering leek aliums

the first raspberries from new plants

this box was planted with nasturtiums but has been hosting rogue borage, tomatillo and some sort of brassica too

we’ve removed the fruit from the first year apple trees to help them get stronger for next year

one of the wildflowers planted for bees

Is it time for transition elephant?

Celebrating elephant in midsummer:
Thurs 21st June, 7pm-late
You are invited to celebrate the longest evening in the year by getting together to enjoy a walworth bonfire, live music, local food and conversation around the question:

Is it time to set up Transition Elephant?

Transition is an independent movement made up of local communities getting ready for climate change, peak oil and other massive changes. There are dozens of transition towns in London but currently no Transition communities in the North Southwark area.

So would we like a transition elephant? And if so, what would like it to do? 

Pembroke Pocket Garden and new economics foundation have teamed up to bring local people together around this matter as part of the Festival of Transition.

Here are the details:

Thursday 21st June, 7pm – late
Pembroke Pocket Garden
(inside Pembroke House if bad weather)

Guest speaker
Stephen Reid, new economics foundation

Bring and Share supper (home grown especially welcome)

Live band:
Music for Life UK


Please extend this invite to friends that live near Elephant and Castle that may not have been invited. THANKS!