Summer Gardening Club: Making Lavender Biscuits

Today we decided to make use of the lovely lavender plant which is in full bloom – can you see it below?

We got a recipe for lavender biscuits from the internet and got started.

Here is Ellie smelling the wonderful lavender

Here the lavender is being chopped!

And here we are all hard at work beating the mix. Nathaniel said that ‘baking is hard’ when he was doing this!

Summer Garden Club at Pembroke House

Summer Gardening Club
At Pembroke House 

by Joseph Tang
Pembroke House Gardening Club is a fantastic club for children who love gardening. There is always something to do whatever the weather. There is drawing, hunting for plants, and lots more.

There are two people there, Ellie and Kathleen, and will teach how to draw and plant flowers. The picture below is of two special plants, and has lavender in the background. These pictures that I have taken here are located in Pembroke Pocket Garden, where the gardening club starts. The Gardening Club happens every Wednesday from 11am – 1pm. The gardening is just round the corner from Tatum Street. I suggest you stay for a first time. Below left, the children are playing a train game where the conductor says a plant and the passengers try to find the flower.

Hannah suggested this game, at the front. 

There are snacks at the breaks and you get drinks.