Pembroke House is very fortunate to own this splendid building, and we’re most grateful to all those donors who fully funded the refurbishment of the premises in 2009. We also own a couple of houses adjacent to Pembroke House, which generate very useful rental income.

But it costs us around £52,000 per year to keep Pembroke House heated, lit, cleaned, insured and maintained, before we begin to think about the costs of the projects we run. We receive no financial assistance from Pembroke College, Cambridge, and are dependent on donations from individuals and grant-making trusts.

How You Can Help:

£25 per month for a year

  • A parent and child can attend Music for Babies and Toddlers for a year to improve language skills and meet other families in the area
  • An outing for the older person’s lunch club e.g. to the theatre

£50 per month for a year

  • Feed our weekly older person’s lunch club, providing a hot meal, company and bingo for 4 months
  • House a resident in the residency for 3 months allowing them to volunteer in Pembroke House in a variety of roles
  • Dancercise for older people and professional ballet dancers for a year

£100 per month for a year

  • Weekly gardening sessions for 6 months for people with mental ill health as an alternative to prescription drugs
  • Support our internship programme for a month helping someone to start their career in the voluntary sector
  • Three Meet Your Neighbor events e.g. a barn dance or a jazz night bringing together existing and new residents

If you like what we do, we would really appreciate a one-off donation, a monthly donation, or a legacy. And we’re keen to enable our supporters to see how their money is being spent, so please allow us to show you around and share our vision.

Three ways to give us money
1. Make a one-off donation through JustGiving. Please click here.

2. Regular donations enable us to plan ahead. Please call Grisel Tarifa on 020 7703 3803 and ask her for our bank details. Then ask your bank or building society to set up a monthly or quarterly Standing Order.

3. Legacies come as a godsend. When you write or amend your Will, please consider leaving a legacy to Pembroke House.

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