Young People

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Sunday Mornings

We are blessed with a dedicated and enthusiastic group of 11-18s at St. Christopher’s and we aim to encourage them in their personal journeys of the Christian faith, to support them as valued and respected members of the Church family, and to provide space for fun, fellowship, discussion, and food! The first Sunday of the month is an All-Age Service, and young people of all ages are encouraged to serve, read, pray, and occasionally assist with the sermon. We encourage our young people to discover who God might be calling them to be and support them as a whole Church family

Youth Church

St. Christopher’s Youth Church meets in the Garden Room for breakfast and discussion during 10am Parish Mass. The young people have the space to discuss questions related to their own faith journey, as well as to explore the theme of the day through Bible study, games, informal discussion. Their programme compliments the theme of the liturgical year and the young people are encouraged to think of their own ideas for activities and topics of discussion.

Young People & the Church Family

Young people at St. Christopher’s form a vital part of our Church family, and we are continually blessed by them as they challenge our own perceptions of faith and engage with the life of our Church. We were really excited to watch the Faith Documentary filmed by the Youth Church (with help from other members of the congregation!), as they videoed members of the congregation during Lent – young and old, big and small – as they interviewed them to find out more about their faith. We are also very grateful to them for leading our Harvest Appeal, serving at our Older Person’s Lunch Club Christmas Dinner, cooking everyone delicious pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, and preparing a dramatic Gospel Reading for Palm Sunday.Way to go, Youth Church!

Trips and holiday activities

During school holidays, young people enjoy a range of activities from BBQs in the Church garden to trips out to a climbing wall and an outward bound residential. A particular highlight of last year was welcoming an American Youth Church from Louisiana! They had a great time chalking the street for the summer Street Party, and enjoyed trips out to Canterbury Cathedral and Westminster Abbey! 

Other Groups

Young people are encouraged to engage with the whole community of Pembroke House by joining in groups such as the Music Academy, IntoUniversity, the garden group and much more! Our young people are also encouraged to attend the Men’s Group and Mother’s Union Meetings at St. Christopher’s for food, fellowship and discussion.