Getting Drenched

It’s been raining LOTS this week so I am well-watered.

Kathleen and Shelagh came by on Saturday 27th August and we were hoping for a sunny day.

Here’s Shelagh having a think about what to do first while enjoying one of Kathleen’s lavender biscuits – made with my lavender!

They decided that some of my boxes have grown as much as they can. This purslane has already cropped and we need to use the box for a new plant, so this one is going to help by going on our compost – to help make soil for next year.

 But what’s this hiding under my courgettes?


Are they edible?

Kathleen harvested some marrowfat peas

What a delicious crop

We were going well and then the skies opened and monsoon style rain forced my friends to take shelter.

Oh well, the rain is very good for my boxes

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