It’s raining gardeners!


Despite the rain this past saturday we kicked off the winter gardening season by sieving soil. This was Julicia’s first time using a garden sieve.

And here Hannah and Fitsum are planting onions and garlic.


David and Tripp worked hard exchanging weeds for green manure, which will make the soil nice and nutritious in spring.


Our youngest gardeners, Ruthy and Nathaniel, were well dressed for the ocassion, and enjoyed relocating snails to the insect hotel!

our littlest gardeners

At the end of the day, we shared out all of our harvested potatoes that had been planted in July.

the potato harvest


potatoes and smiles


The next day the potatoes was cooked up into a delicious soup, served with ethiopean bread!


Look’s tasty right?

If you’d like to join in the fun, come to our next gardening session on Saturday 15th December from 11am – 2pm. It will be a Christmas special!

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  1. Love the garden anagloy! Living in the country, we have a huge garden. This year we tried putting some horse manure on it (since we have this readily available). The mistake that we made was not realizing that our horse manure wasn’t composted enough and was full of seeds. Guess what we have in our garden? Lots of grass! The good part is that the plants are really healthy!Amazing how fundraising is so like this. Thanks for getting me thinking.Sandy Rees

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