Seed heads and runners

Saturday 8th October, beginning to prepare for next year! Seeds are ripening all over the garden.
Radish seeds? These are nearly ready to gather.

Fennel seeds: don’t eat these unless you really love the taste of aniseed!
All the ripe, dry seed heads were gathered and stored for the winter.

Mint seed heads.

Plenty more mint seeds still to ripen.

Basil seeds need to be gathered up….

…although bees are still pollinating some of them!
Strawberry runners were pegged out in pots of soil-based compost. Once the runners have rooted in to the pots they can be cut from the mother plant and moved to the greenhouse for the winter.

We have a number of varieties of strawberries. Hope they all do well next year!

Some have taken root and have been moved in to the greenhouse already.

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