Sieving, seeds and Scandanavian reporters!

Today began with an unexpected visit from some scandavian journalists who were interested in seeing what the youth in this area are up to, following the riots of the last few days…
Here’s Patrick, our youth club director, speaking with them.
Besides the swedish reporters, the session began like most others…. with watering! 
The gardeners then put some organic fertiliser on the fruiting plants, such as this yellow plum tomato…
And this cucumber…isn’t it getting big?

 And took some photos of the insects our plants are attracting, like this bee on the borage…

Some of my plants are now beginning to produce seeds, like this nasturcium:

And this sunflower will soon be producing seeds too..
After attending the capital growth training this weekend ( Shelagh will be able to share new knowledge on how to collect seeds from me…
Other work that went on today included sieving:

 Drinking tea and chatting (an important part of any community garden!)

And experimenting with exterior decoration!

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