The first Wednesday of the month means FEAST time!

 But in order for the community to reap the fruits (and vegetables) of my harvest, they put in some work!

Look here at Dave, our local carpenter. Today he finished putting the compost bin together.

The trellises also needed tending too…Those beans are just desperate to grow up and they need some helping hands to do so…
The soil doesn’t get sieved by itself either – here’s Shelagh hard at work…


Here the little Tangs are helping to pot on more plants by filling containers with the magic soil mix.

After tending to trellises, pots, compost heaps and more, we finally got onto harvesting…

Here are some of my tatties and tomatoes! Don’t they look delicious?

And mixed british salad leaves

But before they are eaten, they need to be washed!

And then prepared into salads…

Here is some mixed italian leaves complete with cherry tomatoes and spring onions – all home grown!

And here is some kohl rabi and yellow carrot coleslaw!

What a feast eh…?

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