Pembroke House

Pembroke House is a multi-use community space in Walworth, south east London. We serve all communities in Walworth and have done since 1885, when the centre was set up by a group of students from Pembroke College, Cambridge. Our vision for Pembroke House is of a place bubbling with creativity and good humour, where unlikely combinations of people work together to build relationships, delight in our differences, celebrate the journeys we are on, and do our bit to transform our community.

Pembroke House We run the Pembroke Academy of Music, where local children learn music theory and practice and choral singing. We run a Community Garden, bursting with edible goodies grown in blue recycling containers. And we run a lunch club for fabulous older people. More information is available on these projects elsewhere on this website. We’ve got some ideas for the future, too. Our hope is to work with specialist providers to support people who are homeless, entrepreneurs, the Latin American community, parents and addicts. upper hall panorama In 2009 the centre was reopened after a £1.7 million investment allowed for a complete renovation of the space and its transformation into a community centre fit for the 21st century. St. Christopher’s Church Pembroke House is home to the lively and passionate Church of England parish of St Christopher’s, Walworth. The Warden of Pembroke House is also Vicar of the parish. Living and working We are incredibly fortunate to have a six-bedroom Residency attached to Pembroke House, with shared living spaces. Residents are encouraged to get involved in the projects of Pembroke House and the worship of St Christopher’s Church. Pembroke College, Cambridge We delight in maintaining strong links with the College, and each term there are opportunities for residents of Walworth to travel to Cambridge and for members of the College to visit Walworth. These visits are fun and eye-opening. Most of the Trustees of Pembroke House are past or present Members of the College. We became a registered charity in 1962; Registered charity number (UK): 211025